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Tory Hobson is a designer.
Currently at NetSpend in Austin, Texas.


One of my first tasks at NetSpend was to redo their intranet from the ground up. I led this project and the end result is an easy way for the 500+ employees to stay on top of latest business news, upcoming events and a ton of other good stuff.

Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech MBA Program came to Slice, a design firm I used to work for, soon after I finished up the site for the Virginia Tech Executive MBA program. Although they were happy with what we had accomplished with that site, they decided to stray away from using already designed templates provided from the university and gave me the "green light" to build a new site from scratch.

Mood Soother

Mood Soother is an iOS and Android app I created for Genesis Today. A user selects the mood that he or she is in, the app then suggests a product that will help. I developed the app using web standard HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript then wrapped with PhoneGap and submitted to the app stores. I also created the website, moodsoother.com, which demonstrates the app in action.

Genesis Today

For the redesign of Genesis Today's website I used big, beautiful imagery that spanned the entire upper half of the screen. I felt this let the user know right away where the exotic fruits that are used in the juices and supplements come from. Bright and vivid colors are used throughout and is one of those sites that's just fun to explore.

This version is no longer available online. What a shame!

First & 20

First & 20 is a side project of mine that showcases home screens of some of the most talented designers, developers and tech writers on the planet (according to me). By doing this, it allows everyday iPhone and iPod users learn about some of the best apps that are sometimes overlooked.

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